Hunter Hunt-Hendrix, lead singer of metal band Liturgy, comes out as transgender woman

Hunter Hunt-Hendrix, lead singer of metal band Liturgy, comes out as transgender woman

“I am a woman. I’ve always been one.”

Hunter Hunt-Hendrix has come out as a transgender woman.

The musician, who is best known as the lead singer of American black metal band Liturgy, came out in a heartfelt post on social media accounts belonging to her and the band earlier this week (Tuesday 13 May).

“I am a woman. I’ve always been one,” she revealed to her fans.

“The love I have to give is a woman’s love, if only because it is mine. To varying degrees many already understand this, but I’d like to make a clear statement about my actual gender. I could have done this before Liturgy started, but I didn’t, out of fear.”

Hunter has always known she was female – “emotionally and in my experience of my body” – but refrained from coming out sooner due to fear of “social rejection, romantic rejection, career rejection” and rejection from her family.

“The vagueness and incongruity of my solution has afflicted me. I wish it had been different, though maybe that wasn’t possible. The feminine imbues everything I am, beyond ‘gender identity,’” she continued.

Hunter is now choosing to live authentically because “the music and ideas I compose come from a female heart, whatever that means, and I don’t want to partially distort the transmission through an ‘effemin’ male’ mask any longer.”

The star concluded her post by telling fans that she’s “free from some kind of compromise I felt I needed to accept, without being fully conscious of what I was doing or able to seriously imagine an alternative for myself.

“It has been very emotional, and it’s over now, so I am punctuating it.”

Read Hunter Hunt-Hendrix’s coming out post below.

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