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French Model Jess Vill Poses Uncovered With a Stud

Jess Vill is one of the most beautiful male models on the planet. Although he’s well known as a French model, he’s most famous for his bubbliest asset — his smooth derriere. And, in this stunning photoshoot, he shows it off in all its toned glory.

Photographed by Lionel Andre and accompanied by a stud, this could be one of Vill’s most exciting shoots to date. When asked about the planning behind the shoot, we planned to wind up with Jess for a week during August. Of course, we knew we were going to take pictures, Jess Vill is one of my beautifulest models but especially my best friend.

Then Jess asked me to leave France for a few days in Spain that is close, to go to visit some friends of him. This is when we were among friends that one of them spoke about a ranch nearby, and it will be a good idea to take pictures.”

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