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20 Photos of Guys in Sweatpants

21 Photos of Guys in Grey Sweatpants

Grey sweatpants. There’s nothing really special about grey sweatpants. They are usually sewn from cotton or polyester, usually of a heavy knit. They often have elastic in the waistband, drawstrings, and may or may not have pockets. Furthermore dyeing sweatpants grey is a simple process; you essentially use less black dye depending on what shade you want.

So, why are gay guys immediately turned on when they hear the phrase “grey sweatpants”? The excitement stems from a combination of the way the sweatpants cling to the body, and the colour grey’s ability to outline a guy’s junk. It’s true; no other colour highlights a package as perfectly as grey, and to prove it, here are 20 photos of guys in grey sweatpants.

You’re welcome.

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